Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence

A Collaboration Between Brighton Science and Hubbard-Hall 

It’s time to take the risk out of cleaning.  This program ensures that critical cleaning processes are predictable, data-driven, and enable innovation to match customers’ everchanging surface cleanliness needs.

We aim to help suppliers, manufacturing engineers and management teams:

  • Mitigate risk through surface cleanliness checks as well as locating bonding and adhesion mistakes as they happen
  • Keep faulty parts from reaching customers
Paint peeling on the rim of a wheel.

Surface Intelligence - or a lack of it - directly correlates with a lower return on investment for companies.

Excerpt from Brighton Science Blog: This is a problem with a solution. Adhesion issues do not need to be discovered after the product has been assembled, coated, glued, or painted. Instead, it’s a risk that can be identified and remediated in the product development phase.

Instead of resorting to quick fixes when the root cause isn’t clear, companies can establish a surface intelligence-centered methodology to eliminate these issues from reoccurring. This inevitably results in greater profit margins with lower production costs and easier-to-meet metrics.

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There are 2 Versions of the Infinity Surface Cleaning Intelligence Program

Infinity Brighton Specification Package – Before you invest in your new critical cleaning line:

  • Establish your specifications with Brighton Science surface intelligence technologies
  • Solve, Prevent and Control critical surface cleaning challenges
  • Get access to the insight and intel of PhD level surface scientists
  • Learn how Value Engineering can improve and optimize your cleaning processes

Infinity Optimizer Package – Optimize your existing cleaning process:

  • 4 hour on site consultation with Hubbard-Hall technical rep and Brighton Science surface analytics
  • Learn how to value engineer your cleaning process
  • Establish process specifications

Partnering of Brighton Science & Hubbard-Hall

Brighton Science, is a cutting-edge materials science based company that delivers effective adhesion quality control for manufacturers who are concerned with adhesive bonding, painting, coating, printing, and cleaning.  Hubbard-Hall, the industry leader in unbiased cleaning recommendations, have teamed up to help make critical cleaning processes more predictable, data driven and optimized.

The benefit – less risk & better results.

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